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Tranz Lasagne - Tranz it (Freakatronic Remix)

Neuer Freakatronic Remix erscheint heute auf Biokip Records (IT)!

Tranz Lasagne - Tranz it (Freakatronic Remix) - Biokip Records

Es gibt einen neuen Freakatronic Remix von dem italienischen Künstler Tranz Lasagne, auch bekannt als Digital Genetic Pasta. Erscheint heute auf Biokip Records auf allen bekannten digitalen Portalen! ... weitere Infos hier!

"Tranz IT is the new side of Tranz Lasagne, an eclectic vibrant producer who goes under many other aliases. Tranz Lasagne is the techno side, as you can hear from the title track, a song that starts off with strong beats from all fours that leaves no escape route that evolves with the introduction of playful elements and melody of harmony with a hint of the middle east: yes it''''s techno but smiley techno. The EP consists of two remixes. First by the German Freakatronic who interprets Tranz IT on the sound scale of German techno. Second track by Tranz Lasagne himself, under the pseudonym Digital Genetic Pasta, his other side that explores rhythmic breakbeats and big beat with a pinch of insanity! Enjoy."

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